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everyday fashion

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This is a community for anyone with an interest in fashion or clothing. This is first and foremost, a community about personal style.

It isn't a rating community where you have to be given a 'stamp of approval' to post. This community is for everyone who wants to show the world how hot your style is! Post pictures of what you wear, whether it's for your trip to the supermarket or a night out at the club. Anything from shoes to makeup to lingerie. Girls AND guys welcome. Petite, plus-size, short, tall, all sizes and ethnicities welcome and encouraged. Whether your style is preppy, punk, trendy, goth, DIY, raver, urban, a mix of all of the above or defying all category, we want to see it! Style is all about individuality - what makes you YOU.

Post pictures of what you wore on any given day. Full-length photos with descriptions are preferable, but feel free to include detail close-ups as well. Try to keep it to pictures of you in the clothing, not pictures of the clothes by themselves or pictures snagged from online shops where you're thinking about purchasing something.

Talk about how personal style affects your attidude, or the attitude of others. How do your daily clothing choices affect your disposition or the world around you? If you want opinions or suggestions on your style or possible purchases, feel free to ask for them, just remember that is not the primary purpose of this community.

Imagine this as your chance to participate in a street fashion magazine and show your personal style to the world. Think along the lines of hel-looks.com or FRUITS and Street magazine.

Simple Rules:

1) We expect courtesy. NO bashing other members. Insults or stereotyping will not be tolerated. Posts of an inappropriate nature will be deleted, and the author WILL BE BANNED. You don't have to always be nice, but be considerate.

2) NO SPAM! This means no selling, no advertisements, no ebay links. There are communities just for selling things (hotfashionsales, for one). Please ask a moderator before advertising other communities, unless they are relevant to fashion. Absolutely no advertising for rating communities of any kind. Thanks. Fashion relevant communities that advertise here MUST put a link to whatiwore back in that community, so that the promotion is mutual. Advertisements will be deleted and marked as spam, no questions asked.

3) Please use a cut tag for more than two pictures, or large pictures. See LJ FAQ if you aren't sure how to do this. Please don't post excessively large pics (use your judgement).

4) No nudity, please, but lingerie is acceptable (and welcome). Put sexier pictures behind a cut tag when you feel it is necessary (keep in mind, some people view this from work-- use your best judgement). Write 'not work safe' in the cut tag if you think people might get upset.

5)Have fun!

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